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Membership at the Calgary Petroleum Club has many privileges, including access to other private clubs worldwide. With each Club, you’ll be able to enjoy the amenities and services that you’ve come to appreciate at the Calgary Petroleum Club. To request a letter of introduction for any of the clubs listed on the three tabs (Canada, USA, International)
click here, or call the Front Desk directly at 403-269-7981.

We have also joined TWO prominent networks of world-wide private clubs. The first is the International Associate Clubs (IAC) .  This network of reciprocal clubs includes an additional 200 clubs worldwide.  Now you can travel to almost any country in the world and find a private club within our a CPC Member, you can register to access all of these exceptional clubs world wide. See details below.

CPC Members can access these clubs directly, by registering on the IAC website. All you to register is your name and CPC account number. To register and have FREE access to the IAC network of clubs, please visit:  and select 'Sign in' and then select 'Register' at the bottom of the pop up field. You can learn more about this new affiliation.

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The second is Platium Clubs of the World via PlatinumClubNet. This network of exclusive private clubs spans 50 countries with more than 100 private clubs and growing.

There is an annual access fee of $250. USD which provided unlimited introductions to clubs for 12 months. The network of private clubs is extensive. View the options below.


If you would like to register for access to the Platinum Club Network, please contact us by email at: [email protected] or call: 403-260-6367 and we will send you a link.

* Requires a Letter of Introduction